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All custom order inquiries require a non-refundable deposit. The deposit goes towards the design process communication and confimred order "Half Down Policy". Should your costum order be more than $100 you will be sent an invoice for the remaining half of your total order.


Ex: Custom order total determined to be $250 after design communication. $250 / 2= $125 - $50(Custom Order Deposit)= $75 will be sent in seperate invoice with remaining balance of $125 that will be due once order is complete and approved by customer.


The base price for custom orders is $50. Please be sure you would like to proceed with a custom order before completing your depsit transaction, as it is non-refundable. No communication about custom orders will occur without a deposit being paid. After selecting the type of item you'd like from the drop down menus and selecting "NOT THIS ITEM" in ALL other fields of items you do not want, please give a brief description of the item you'd like in "Custom Text" field. You will be contacted via email to continue discussing your order.


Apparel Base Prices
Bling Bottle Base Prices
Graduation Cap Topper
Misc. Item Base Price
  • Due to the complete customization capabilities of custom order all sales are FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES. Verifiation will be required through each step of the "Execution Phase" before permanent actions are taken on your design. Please provide best means of communcation as failure to verify actions will result in slower completion times.

  • APPAREL: Most Touched with Style items can withstand normal wear and tear. Items with beading, fringe, rhinestones, etc. should be handled with care. Our recommendation to care for your custom item is by hand washing your items and hang to dry. You may also try washing them on the delicate setting and low tumble or air dry.