Updated: Oct 2, 2018

We're finally up, running, and fully operable! You guys just do not know how long it has been! When I say this has been a huge learning experience...whew chileeeee the headaches lol! I'm glad it is now time just to run the site and hopefully bring in new business and opportunities. None of this would be possible without my awesome support system that is my parents, so for this 1st blog post I want to share a post my dad actually wrote. I often scroll back to this text message when I feel like I cannot achieve some goal I've set for myself or just feel down. I know that if there is no one else in this world I can count on...I can count on my parents. They always support me and the things I do, even when they cannot see the end results like me. They reassure me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that they will be right there by my side...


What does "blog" really mean? My definition as a Dad with a millennial daughter of unimaginable strangth and beauty is translasted using my perspective...a blog is like a testimony...ones opinion in written form! My "Daddy's Blog" (testimony) tpday deals with pride and blessings. At this moment I need to verbalize a picture of my nubian princess daughter (her mom is the queen) at 3-years-old in a little wooded rocking chair. She got the chair for Christmas and I'll never forget the sight of her excitement as she rocked in that little chair! I'll remember that scene and moment of pure bliss and pride until the day I die! My point is this...Daddy's Blog is a testimony of pride in my strong willed daughter. I testify today over 26 years ago when I saw you in that chair as a 3-year-old, chubby, cute, rocking, and smiling in that little wooden rocker I saw you today and the dream is reality. This is a very proud Daddy's Blog...Tan-G, Chief, and Touched with Style. My little girl has stepped where no one had stepped before. I am unbelievably proud and happy at how you have grown. "Inspired and Inspiring"...what more can a father want for their blood! This is a Daddy's Blog...you heard lol?

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